I Bought a Tapestry Instead of Food

I always enjoyed weaving in art class and reading about it in Greek mythology. If you don’t know, one of my majors in undergrad was Classical Studies, which I majored in for fun. Whether it was the weaving contest between Athena and Arachne or Penelope’s weaving trick to ward off horny suitors, weaving was a very powerful skill for women in antiquity.


I enjoy weaving, because I get to use my hands and shut off my academic brain for a bit. While you can use a simple piece of cardboard with cut slits, I invested in a loom from Loom and Spindle several months ago. I’ve made a few weavings, but my favorite one (the first one I made) hangs in my kitchen. There is a lot of flaws, but I’m proud to have completed a project (which I’m not so great at).

Kitchen Weaving

I’ve always wanted to make a second weaving investment: a statement tapestry piece. Don Freedman weavings from the 1970s have always been a distant desire of mine. Distant, because I’m a broke graduate student.

Don Freedman

I decided to cut back on wine food this month and purchase my first Don Freedman piece. I was excited to find a piece that had his clay piece signature, all remaining tassels, and a color scheme that fit my apartment. It’s also giant. Almost 5 feet tall!

Please remind me when I’m eating June’s dog food and my clay face mask out of desperation mid-month, to look at my Don Freedman tapestry.