What up, I’m Ashley. I’m a PhD student in Rhetoric, currently trying to figure out what’s next.

On this blog you will find reflective moments, Midwest adventures, and notes from pursuing new activities and topics. I’m very curious and easily bored, so who knows where my independent research will take me (from learning to weave to reading the history of plagues). My writing will be witty, contemplative, sensitive, and sometimes done under the influence.

IMG_20140610_182333 copyI live in Indiana and I spend my days writing, reading, listening to podcasts, editing, crafting, making Etsy wishlists, drinking, having deep conversations, making up cocktails, taking pictures with my phone, messing around with my plants, watching all the television, listening to local music, wondering around the city, exploring my overgrown yard, and trying to entertain a pippet (pitbull + whippet) named June.


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