I Bought a Tapestry Instead of Food

I always enjoyed weaving in art class and reading about it in Greek mythology. If you don’t know, one of my majors in undergrad was Classical Studies, which I majored in for fun. Whether it was the weaving contest between Athena and Arachne or Penelope’s weaving trick to ward off horny suitors, weaving was a very powerful skill for women in antiquity.


I enjoy weaving, because I get to use my hands and shut off my academic brain for a bit. While you can use a simple piece of cardboard with cut slits, I invested in a loom from Loom and Spindle several months ago. I’ve made a few weavings, but my favorite one (the first one I made) hangs in my kitchen. There is a lot of flaws, but I’m proud to have completed a project (which I’m not so great at).

Kitchen Weaving

I’ve always wanted to make a second weaving investment: a statement tapestry piece. Don Freedman weavings from the 1970s have always been a distant desire of mine. Distant, because I’m a broke graduate student.

Don Freedman

I decided to cut back on wine food this month and purchase my first Don Freedman piece. I was excited to find a piece that had his clay piece signature, all remaining tassels, and a color scheme that fit my apartment. It’s also giant. Almost 5 feet tall!

Please remind me when I’m eating June’s dog food and my clay face mask out of desperation mid-month, to look at my Don Freedman tapestry.


5 thoughts on “I Bought a Tapestry Instead of Food

  1. We had a cheap week for dinners this week – mac and cheese and peas goes far. So does a block of tofu. And eggs, there’s always eggs!

  2. I love this piece, especially the size of it! Your weavings always make me want to make my own, but I’ve yet to pull the trigger.
    And I may have guilted my husband into buying me birthday pizza and lattes despite our loan check not coming in and all our money being tied up in the US. Splurges are fun!

  3. Hi, I just found a wonderful Don Freedman–although I didn’t know that till after I got home and Googled–at a thrift shop for (don’t kill me!) $2. It looks like this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/61220876155892839/

    It’s rather dirty; not just dusty but with what appears to be settled in dirt and dinginess. Do I dare wash it, flat in a tub–mostly soaking? What happens to jute when it gets wet? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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