Broken Computer, Sleepy Site

My computer crashed yet again and, at this point, I’m in no rush to fix it. I’m living off my Kindle and phone. I’ve been very so-so about technology lately.

Two major things have happened that I hope to blog about soon. First, James (the BF) and I got a new puppy, Jolene. Second, I passed my defense for my dissertation prospectus, which means I only have my dissertation left to finish.

Look forward to sharing soon!


I Bought a Tapestry Instead of Food

I always enjoyed weaving in art class and reading about it in Greek mythology. If you don’t know, one of my majors in undergrad was Classical Studies, which I majored in for fun. Whether it was the weaving contest between Athena and Arachne or Penelope’s weaving trick to ward off horny suitors, weaving was a very powerful skill for women in antiquity.


I enjoy weaving, because I get to use my hands and shut off my academic brain for a bit. While you can use a simple piece of cardboard with cut slits, I invested in a loom from Loom and Spindle several months ago. I’ve made a few weavings, but my favorite one (the first one I made) hangs in my kitchen. There is a lot of flaws, but I’m proud to have completed a project (which I’m not so great at).

Kitchen Weaving

I’ve always wanted to make a second weaving investment: a statement tapestry piece. Don Freedman weavings from the 1970s have always been a distant desire of mine. Distant, because I’m a broke graduate student.

Don Freedman

I decided to cut back on wine food this month and purchase my first Don Freedman piece. I was excited to find a piece that had his clay piece signature, all remaining tassels, and a color scheme that fit my apartment. It’s also giant. Almost 5 feet tall!

Please remind me when I’m eating June’s dog food and my clay face mask out of desperation mid-month, to look at my Don Freedman tapestry.

Nothing Like a Fresh Start

I am reading over (again and again) my friend Amanda’s blog, and I’m realizing how much we have in common. We love wit. We are terrible at finishing things, because we want to start so many new things. We love television and pop culture, which most likely brought us together in the first place. We both are trying to figure out our lives, being pulled in all directions because we are genuinely curious people.

The one major difference between us, though, was that I saw this uncertainty as paralysis, and Amanda saw this as possibility.

This past weekend, I attended Amanda’s funeral. An active and healthy person, her sudden death came as a shock. How can Amanda, a girl that is always energetic and dancing, be gone? I’m still having sleepless nights over this loss, but I know Amanda would want us to live our damn lives. Although her life ended too soon, she squeezed the joy and life out of each day.Can you or I say the same?

Well, I cannot.

I stopped blogging awhile ago, because I was too concerned what others thought. I was afraid my wit might make people uncomfortable. I was afraid to be myself on screen. I want to be more like Amanda. I want to do whatever the hell I want and not apologize for it. I want to write, because I cannot live without it. Not because I have to or because I want to please people. So here I am: blogging again.

Please, read this wonderful post by Amanda on living life.